Songa Offshore

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Customer: Songa Offshore
GS-Hydro solution: GS-Hydro’s Hose Management system GS-Smart Care for Songa Dee, Trym and Delta semi-submersibles
Year: 2014
Segment: Offshore

GS- Hydro has signed a frame agreement with the midwater expert Songa Offshore for the delivery of GS-Hydro’s hose management system, GS-Smart Care, for three semi-submersibles operating in the harsh environment at the North Atlantic Basin.  The rigs are Songa Trym, Songa Dee and Songa Delta. The frame agreement includes an option for four more semi-submersibles currently under construction, the option will be released at the end of 2015.

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Songa Offshore chooses GS-Smart Care Hose Management System

GS-Hydro’s solution

  • initial survey of existing situation on the semi-submersibles
  • tagging of hoses
  • implementation of GS-Smart Care Hose Management system and software
  • storing the hose data in GS-Smart Care
  • establishing the complete hose management and hose service set-up for Songa Offshore

Songa Offshore’s fleet

  • Songa Dee
    • Mitsubishi MD-602 Enhanced, built in Japan 1984
    • winterized for arctic conditions
  • Songa Trym
    • Aker H-3 Modified, built in Norway 1976
    • designed for year-round operation in the North Sea
  • Songa Delta
    • Ocean Ranger Modified, built in Finland 1981
    • designed for freezing conditions
  • The new builds (option for GS-Smart Care) Songa Equinox, Endurance , Encourage and Enabler
    • GVA 4000 NCS, built in South Korea
    • designed for arctic conditions

Project details                                   

  • In total there are some 2000 hoses per semi-submersible to be tagged
  • The initial survey has been done on Songa Delta and Songa Trym in the end of 2014
  • The tagging operations were executed partly onshore, partly offshore when the rigs were in operation
  • During the initial survey and tagging operations all the damaged or worn out hoses were replaced without delays
  • After tagging and storing of hose data there will be periodical hose inspections taking place every 12 months

Songa Offshore chose GS-Hydro due to GS-Smart Care having the best added value by lowering overall life cycle costs and providing a professional service available both onshore and offshore.

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