GS-Hydro is able to provide a fully prefabricated piping system using the precise automated machines in GS-Hydro workshops.


Prefabrication provides the basis for a fast, easy and reliable installation of even the most complex piping systems. The quick and easy installation is further enhanced by the availability of a full range of flanged elbows, tees, reducers, adaptors, valves and hose ends.

Prefabrication services that GS-Hydro offer:


Pipe end forming



Wall forming


Benefits of prefabrication

Prefabrication process

Prefabrication begins with the accurate cutting of the pipes to the required length. The pipes are then bent with GS-Hydro's cold bending machines. Non-standard and large diameter pipes are bent using induction bending.
After bending, the pipe ends are prepared for flare flanges (flared) or retain rings (grooved). If needed, the modules can also be pressure tested before being dispatched from the workshop. Cleaning and external painting is done in accordance with the customer's requirements. Proper packing and protection ensures the quality of the delivered piping modules.
The use of prefabricated piping modules (pipe spools) ensures the highest possible quality as well as an easy and fast installation. In order to further speed up the installation smaller bore pipes, typically between 16 and 42 mm, can be assembled in groups directly onto support frames.

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